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Marari Beach Resort

Marari Beach is an endless vista of sand and surf, but it is more. An authentic experience of the world of Kerala's traditional fishing villages, and a recreation of an ancient, harmonious way of life.

One could say that there are two kinds of beach resorts in the world. Most common, of course, are those raucous, neon-lit places of water sports, midnight raves and trinket stores. Then there's the other kind, of the 'endless-golden-sands-where-you-won't -see-a-soul' variety, usually touted for their peace and quiet.

Marari Beach, we are happy to say, is neither.

It is an experience born of a question we asked ourselves. 'Can a strip of sand have a soul?'. And having decided that it must, we went searching for where it might be found.

The village of Maraikulam lies on a forgotten shore, midway up the Malabar coast, where the Indian Ocean finally decides that it has now become the Arabian Sea.

It was here that we found all our answers.

A beach is a beach is a beach. Until you can seek out its living heart, the culture that calls it home.

And so, Marari Beach Resort is a celebration of Kerala's coastal fishing villages. Inspired by this ancient way of life, we sought to capture its essence and create a new experience in sensitive travel for the modern-day visitor.

Marari Beach sprawls across 55 acres of lawns, far-flung lotus ponds and whispering coconut groves, all threaded through with stone- flagged pathways. A windbreak of palms runs the length of the property, a protective cover that reduces even the sea winds to mere caresses. And beyond is a milk-and-azure ocean, fringed by a beach more than yellow, a sand-meets-sea combination you're not likely to find anywhere else.

Modelled on the fishermens' dwellings of Mararikulam, your accommodations are a fine balance between traditional form and modern function. The roof is palm thatch, but we've added a concrete base that keeps the air-conditioning in and the odd insect out. Bathrooms too, combine modern fixtures with the traditional Kerala open-roofed style. And the little taps outside each cottage are another local touch. The fisher folk use them to clean the sand off their feet, and you can do likewise. Barefoot is a great way to be at Marari Beach, even indoors!

Cottages like the one we've just described form the standard accommodation , but if you favour more private luxuries, maybe you'd like to pick one of our pool villa cottages, which are suite-style and have a secluded walled courtyard with a private pool all your own.

The secret of the fish curries of this part of the world lies - literally - in the soil. For it is earthenware pots, placed on a slow wood fire and simmered, that give the food its unique texture and succulence.

At Marari Beach, you can enjoy the simple traditional dishes of the fisherfolk (along with, of course , a variety of international cuisine favourites) at our verandah- style restaurant. Dinners are candlelit, often with live music (the traditional kerala trio comprises a harmonium, flute and tablas) . And the beachside features an evening grill serving up some select seafood, always fresh, always seasonal.