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SwaSwara is the inner voice of the Self. 
That echoes on a fabled beach, shaped like the very first sound of creation …Om.
In a language that awakens our souls to the miracle of life.
And a setting that is perfect, for the communion of mind and body.


A journey into the exuberance of your own being, powered by yoga and meditation.
In spaces crafted in the true colours of the Earth.
In harmony with the mythical land that nurtures her.

Come, visit yourself.

And say hello to the song and celebration within you.

Soul Speak

We might make friends with the persons we really are. Or perhaps become a stranger to the person we knew ourselves to be. Wise men tell us that if we take this journey with the reverence it deserves and live each moment with an abandon like never before, we then discover ourselves.

SwaSwara celebrates every such moment.  Here you can live a lifetime in a matter of days or weeks. And learn to understand the needs of your body and soul. Here you will never, ever be lonely. Befriend the misty morning air, stretching to meet the first rays of a bright new morning. Share the memories of your day with a million stars, in the night sky over Gokarna. As the fresh scented breeze of this village tucks you in and watches you drift into slumber.

At SwaSwara, each day will proclaim a new energy within you.

We believe life can be really simple, if we keep it that way. AtSwaSwara creating happiness and joy is simple, because every experience here resuscitates the spirit, mind and body….creating a whole new you. Start your day with Yoga on the beach, as the sun rises over Gokarna. Feel your frazzled nerves soothed into surrender with ancient Ayurvedic therapies. Chant away every worry and every crease in your mind and connect with a higher power.

It’s about feeling all your energies join together and stimulate the being into eagerness within…to know more, to understand better and to be one with your soul and body. A sense of wellness that goes beyond running ten miles each morning.

We believe that when here, your soul does the extra mile…and may just stumble upon the person that you can really be.