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Eco Tourism and You

If you've spent over four decades in the hospitality business, it's impossible not to evolve and change.

And by happy circumstance, we've found that our guests have evolved and changed too.
As the Casino Group has become CGH Earth, as we have taken new directions in experiential tourism, we've come to attract a more sensitive and more aware kind of visitor to our destinations.

Of course, there remains also the guest who cannot live without dance parties and the bright lights. To him we say, we respect your needs, but chances are, you will be disappointed by the CGH Earth experience.

We attract, not with excitement, but with involvement. And while every modern comfort may exist at our properties, Nature remains, as we like to say, the Chief Architect.

So are you prepared for an entirely new idea of fun? Barring our city hotels, there's barely a television set anywhere. In matters of food, freshness is more important than dressing and presentation. And from the furniture to the towels to the landscaping, our first purpose has been to stay true to the environment, not to provide opulence and gadget-based luxuries.

Our guests seem to love it, because they've been prepared to meet us half-way and more. To join us in planting a tree. Or bringing in the pepper harvest. And cheerfully overlooking the odd insect in the room (chemicals would be effective, but they'd ruin the groundwater, you see...).

At a CGH earth destination, we've created a variety of ways in which you can get involved. And as you do, we ask you to treat the environment and its extant human cultures with sense and respect. 

Here then, are a few things you can do. They are not difficult, but merely matters of balance! They call only for a little consciousness and understanding. We promise, your experience will be all the more enriching for it.




















1. Get informed, informed and more informed. Knowledge is the best way to be more conscious. If you're visiting, say, Kerala, make full use of guidebooks and the internet to understand its ecology, culture and history.

2. Dress modestly. Beach nudity and skimpy clothing will shock many village people.

3. Please don't litter. All our properties have convenient places for disposal, of course, but this is even more important when you're walking and trekking aound in the wild.

4. Conserve water. Many of our destinations are in areas where water remains a problem for the locals. And while there's plenty available at our resorts, we ask you to keep in mind that there's only so much to go around in the region. Be sensible in water use. Most times, you'll find a little placard in your room, giving you a few helpful tips.

5. Eat local. The friendliest, freshest, tastiest foods are usually those found locally in the region you're visiting. While international cuisines options are available at most of our destinations, we do believe in keeping the focus on regional specialties, based on fresh -picked organic local produce and seafood bought directly from the fishermen. So be a little adventurous and explore some new tastes.

6. Don't give gifts to the local villagers. Now and then, you may be accosted by a bunch of grinning kids, asking for freebies. Cute as they are sometimes, please discourage them, they'll only get used to getting something for nothing. We have boxes at our reception areas where you can make contributions that will be used for local welfare and community activities.

7. Avoid room service. We're speaking not of our city properties, but of the many destinations where the peace, the quiet and natural ambience have to be carefully preserved. We're sure you'll prefer to be away from tramping feet, going back and forth with hampers and trays. Please help us in this regard. Our staff are friendly locals who'll serve you with a smile if you do ask, so its really up to you!

8. Travel light. Heavy baggage is a resource drain all the way down the chain, starting from the aircraft you board. And you don't really need much at our destinations. Loose informal cotton clothes will see you even through dinner, and there a lots of really inexpensive options available at our resort shops.

9. Get involved with community activities. Our destinations are run like little village communities, and there's always some things to do at the organic farms and paddy fields. Learn how to peel cinnamon, pick up a recipe at our cooking classes, take a bullock cart ride...the options are endless.


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