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The World of CGH Earth
experience hotel

Ask a small child what the word 'experience' means and probably the reply will be, 'to feel something'.

Like all truths, this one too is very simple. To experience is to feel. And we feel when we are involved. When we are no longer onlookers, but deeply immersed into all that is going on around us.

Isn't that also a good description of travel at its best? When you can connect with nature, community and ecology, when you become a participant rather than a passer-by, authentic experiences are born.

At CGH Earth, creating such experiences is our greatest challenge and our greatest satisfaction..

But perhaps creating is not the right word. Because all that we offer you is already there. The task we've set ourselves is to find the essence of man and nature in a small, specific little patch of the world. Then provide a means for you to get up close and personal with it all.

Tourism can so often be a window, a space where cocooned in the comforts of technology, people look, snap a picture or two, and move on.
At CGH Earth, we do our best to provide the door.

CGH Earth destinations are usually vast natural sprawls, with the bare minimum of rooms. That way, we can care better, not just for you but for the living ecology we're part of. And even so, we do our best to touch the earth with gentle hands. Waste becomes natural gas, used as fuel, at Coconut Lagoon. And water harvesting keeps the groundwater fresh at Marari Beach and Brunton Boatyard. Even the towels in your room help conserve water , based as they are on a light and elegant local design.

All our resorts are chemical-free zones, and over the years, we've perfected the use of local and tribal wisdom in diverse matters, from gardening to pest control. Black resin from the forest keeps the insects at bay in Spice Village. Lemon Grass oil disinfects and freshens the rooms at Kalari Kovilakom. And everywhere it's vermiculture and composting, not chemical fertilizers, that keep the plants thriving

If nature defines a place, it's people that give it life and colour. And to be at a CGH Earth destination is to be part of the life of a local community, to rejoice in its living culture.

The cottages at Marari Beach are modeled on the huts of the local fishermen, down to the exact weaves in the palm-thatch roofs and the little foot-washing taps outside. Cows keep the grass trim at Coconut Lagoon, just as they do in countless villages in the area. And along with the herbal cosmetics we routinely provide, you'll see a clever little scrubber at Spice Village, made from soapwood and used by the local hill women to keeps their skin fresh and glowing (going by their complexions, it seems to work really well...).

It's local communities that work on our organic farms, keeping up a steady supply of fresh produce for your meals. And the fisherfolk of Mararikulam, Bangaram Island and the Spice Coast bring the pick of the catch to the restaurants of our properties there.

Many CGH properties have been conceived as repositories of history, places where the past can be a vivid, tangible presence for the visitor.

Restored over two years by the artisan families of the area, Kalari Kovilakom Palace is one such trip into yesterday, evoking the simple elegance of princely Kollengode. At Coconut Lagoon, the feudal dwellings of the Malabar landowners have been painstakingly transplanted brick-by-brick and timber-by-timber, to give the visitor a unique experience in living. Even the soaring colonial edifice of the Brunton Boatyard has been recreated using the exact building materials of 19th century Cochin.

In a hundred little details, CGH properties reflect a living history. At Spice Village, tiled tables from a 100-year-old restaurant, at Brunton, genuine Portuguese and Dutch antiques, at Kalari, floor tiles that have been restored and cleaned, inch-by-inch.

Or should we say experiences of yourself? On a visit with CGH, there are many ways to get in touch with the inner you, or even fix a chronic health problem. Most of our destinations offer extensive facilities for Ayurveda, complete with massage rooms, therapy centres and qualified doctors. You can usually find a Yoga class too, or pick up a few tips on meditation.

Kalari Kovilakom, one of our latest destinations, is a palace for healing, perhaps the first of its kind. Here, you can experience not just royal spaciousness, but also holistic living at its purest, complete with Ayurvedic kitchens, therapies, yoga, meditations and comprehensive diet plans customized for you by experts.